Love Is In the Air

I’m a believer of the old saying,

Things happen for a reason. 

Or even…

What’s meant to be will always find its way. 

So when A and I went on our first date my bells started ringing. I thought, here I am in a new city all by myself for the first time, and somehow I effortlessly find an amazing human being who actually enjoys spending time with me. And I know it’s crazy to think we were meant to happen after just one day, but how else can I explain the intense vibe we had with each other? I mean if I was still at home, I would have never met him. But I had made the decision to move and I had met him! 

I quickly fell into a relationship with him. 

I had given him all my heart with no restrains. On paper it made no sense. He was older than me, and had a completely different lifestyle than I did. We disagreed on pretty much everything. But before I knew it we had embarked in this journey together and it was the happiest I had been in my whole life. 

A and I would see each other nearly everyday. I became almost addicted to him. He relaxed me, and made me feel like myself. He made me laugh. My God we laughed so hard. He was everything I ever wanted in a partner. Well… almost. But even the bad, and the flaws that he had, I was willing to work through. 

As the months passed, the short lived most amazing months, I experienced a kind of love with him I had never before. It was a mature, kind, loyal, understanding love. It was a supportive kind of love. It was a protective kind of love. It was everything to me. 

We fought. Sometimes a lot. But I never saw the day coming when he left me. 


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